Premium Auto Posting Tools V2.1.150 Make Money Generate Lead (UPDATED)

Automation Taken the Next Level

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If you are in this page probably is because you are interested in increasing your clients, having more traffic to your site, promoting products online. The software i am about to show you will help you to do all that and much more.

This software is a compilation of multiple software, each with powerful features like Facebook posting, fiver scrapping, You-tube Keyword Research, PayPal link generator and much more. In this page you will find some videos presenting you the many features that we have. That’s not all, we are always updating the software to make it more powerful, with more functionality and more features. I want to thank you for your interest in this software that will change your life.

You think you want this software, but the truth is, YOU NEED THIS SOFTWARE!! That’s Right you need the software to take your marketing to the next level.

This is a list of the modules available in the software. With a little description on what they do. And how you can use them for your business.

Google Maps Business
Get all the business from your location so you can contact them and offer services. Export the phone numbers and then mass call them with your offer or promotion.
Yellow Pages Scraper USA, UK, Canada, Australia
Get leads from yellow pages from USA, UK, Canada, Australia. Get unlimited leads from business based on the niche that you want to target. Get their phone numbers, websites, yellow pages link, address and more information about the business. Never run out of leads again.
Facebook Marketplace Poster
Amazing tool to post your products in the Facebook Marketplace. You will load a list of your inventory and the software will upload it for you to the Facebook Marketplace. Automate the whole process and enjoy some free time.
Youtube Video Bulk Uploader
Create a list of the videos you want to upload and start uploading them to youtube, it will help you get the perfect keywords, description and titles for your videos to generate more traffic to your videos.
Facebook Group Commentor
Login to your Account, create a list of all your groups, Load your comments, and it will comment automatically to all your Facebook Groups, Save time and get more exposure to your offers.
Market Place Arbitrage
Save Gigs and Copy paste them in other forums, Store your gigs and resell them in other market places, easy to make money today!
Youtube Keyword Scrapper
Steal the traffic of your competitors, if you analyze the keyword from multiple videos related, you will see which keywords are more often used, then you can create a new title and description using those keywords. Generating more traffic to your video using the help of your competitors without them knowing. They will wonder about your secret.
Youtube Video Scrapper
This is like the search video option in YouTube but here you can save the list of videos into excel, then you can contact the most popular videos offer them 10 dollars for putting a link with an offer that will generate you money, use the traffic of the video to your favor. Or you can tell them to work with you and split profits, you give the offer and he just put the link, both make money. Win- Win Situation.
Youtube Video Downloader
Download videos to your computer, to watch them offline, or use it to get traffic, download a video with many views, re-brand it and re-upload it with your links to offers, affiliate links or subscription to your list.
Email Sender
Load your emails and send them to your clients. this supports multiple accounts, templates so you wont have to be writing your emails all the time, spin text so you can vary the content of your emails and it let you set the time between your emails. Perfect to send your offer to your email list.
Email Extractor
Do you need to create an email list? Well we can help you with that, this module will look for emails related to the keywords you specified. This is useful because you find people interested on the keyword you try to target, so people is more likely to take the offer you promote because they are interested. This generate you a list of emails that you can export to mail chimp and send emails to them or use a email sender and let it work for you.
Instagram Photo Uploader
Load a list of images with their respective caption and the software will to Instagram and upload the content for you, this is perfect if you want to have your social media automated, select how often you want the software to upload your image and the software will upload for you on autopilot.
Instagram Auto Follower
Paste the html code from instagram followers, analize the content generate a list of people that you will follow, Set how many people you want to follow and start following / unfollowing people in instagram.
Amazon Scraper
Make a search on amazon, it will generate the results based on your keyword, then you can order it for the number of sales, and get an idea of which products sell the best, so you can drop ship those products to eBay or your own eCommerce store. You will know which products work and which you should avoid. Also get the number of reviews on the products and the overall rating for that product.
Facebook Group Members Scraper
Type the url and get a list of all the members in that group, really targeting possible clients or subscribers to your product has never been this easier. Then you can use the list of the members to contact them with your offer or product
Instagram Photo Scraper, Photo Downloader, Photo Liker / Unliker and Commentor
Type your keyword or hashtag get the html code, analize the content so you get specific links of the content, and comment on that content. It supports spintext so you comment different things everytime. Promote your business in the competition images.
Alli Express Scraper
Make a search on AliExpress, it will generate the results based on your keyword, then you can order it for the number of sales, and get an idea of which products sell the best, so you can drop ship those products to eBay or your own eCommerce store. You will know which products work and which you should avoid. Also get the number of reviews on the products and the overall rating for that product.
18 scraper
Make a search on, it will generate the results based on your keyword, then you can order it for the number of sales, and get an idea of which products sell the best, so you can drop ship those products to eBay or your own eCommerce store. You will know which products work and which you should avoid. Also get the number of reviews on the products and the overall rating for that product.
Product Launch Jacker
Get a list of the upcoming marketing launches, prepare a bonus page in advance, rank that page and get the traffic of the buzz, you will have the time to prepare for launches and make money out of it. When people buy from your page to get the bonuses, you will make your commission you only need to provide the bonuses.
Facebook Fanpage and Group Scrapper
Get a list of fan pages or groups based on keywords, Get laser targeted traffic by getting a list of fanpages or groups related to your keyword. If you are in marketing you can grab all marketing fan pages or groups, comment there promoting you marketing related offer.
Google Voice SMS Mass Sender
Use google voice to send SMS messages to your contacts, load the list of numbers loads your message (support spintext so you dont always send the same message) and then send the message to every cellphone on the list.
Iframe Pop Up Generator
Generate a pop up window in your competitor website that will link them to your site, Get more affiliate commissions and promote products smarter, also perfect to send people to affiliate pages and show a pop up window telling them all the bonuses they will get if they buy trough your like, make your commissions sky rocket with this module.
Traffic List
Tons of traffic sources, the most complete list of possible traffic sources for your business, go send traffic to your offer and start making money. An extensive list of traffic sources at your disposal to generate tons of traffic to your site.
Clickbank Marketplace Scraper
Get all the affiliate products in the list and reverse engineer the most successful. Reverse engineer their funnels and make more money.
Let go Poster
Load all your post, login with your Facebook / Letgo account and then automate your postings to letgo, increase the ammount of post you can do. It logins for you and post all your ads.
Facebook Friend Adder
Load a list of Facebook friends or people that you would like to add, the software will go to every single link and add them for you, it adds a new user every 15 seconds, you can set a limit in the people you add per session.
Whatsapp Mass Message Sender
Load a list of valid whatsapp phone and send them your message, everybody is in whats app, it uses whatsapp web in order to send your message to your customers, it support spin text, so your text changes everytime you send it.
Offer UP Poster
Using a virtual android phone in your computer, we can post in the Offer up app, this will post your ads in offer up and it will let you sell your items faster, it uses our image border and image resizer so you are able to post the same ad if you want it to, automate your postings and start selling all your products.
Google Review Poster
Load a bunch of google accounts, load your reviews and it will automate the process, it will login with your gmail account it will go to the map listing, click write review and send a review for your listing or your customer listing, increase review rating or decrease it for your competitors.
Google Ads Scraper
Add your keywords list and it will make google searches, it will grab the ads, and put them on a list for you, this way you can get a list of people spending money in ads, so you are able to target them and offer your own service of lead generation.
Facebook Interest Explorer
Find more interest for your facebook ads using the FB Marketing API. It will help you make your ads more targeted to your audience, and therefore making them convert more. Everything is about targeting, if you put your product in front of the right audience, it will be easier to sell because you will be showing your ads to the most active people based on interest searches.
Fake Name Generator
Whenever you are creating fake accounts or fake profiles, this will give you the name, address, phone and fake information that will allow you to create hundredths of accounts as easy as copying and pasting the information that we give you.
Title Generator
create 700 titles with ONE CLICK:
Content Ideas + Catchy Headlines + Ad Campaign
E-mail Subject Lines + Emotional Titles.
Simple – Efficient – One Click
Twilio SMS Mass Sender
Send SMS to your clients, load a list of numbers and send them messages or call them with your offers. Bulk messages or bulk calls with anything that you have to promote. This is a game changer, your clients will receive your offer promotions on their cellphone. Instant Results.
Yahoo Answer Scraper and Responder
Search for questions based on a keyword and use the software to answer them, adding your own link to them, so you get traffic to your offer or affiliate link. Get traffic from yahoo answers. Millions of questions that can send you traffic.
Warrior Messenger
Get all the users that bought from an special offer in the warrior forum and contact them promoting similar products or similar services. Get a list of buyers and sell your products to people that is ready to buy. Powerful and easy to use warrior forum user scrapper.
Youtube Video Commentor
Load a list of videos, the most popular videos and the automatically comment in all the videos on the list. Perfect to promote your business in youtube, support spin text and multiple YouTube accounts.
Facebook Fanpage Commentor
Use the list of fanpages that we extract with the fanpage extractor and post on every single one of them with multiple accounts. It will make a post on the fanpage where you can promote anything you want.
Manta Lead Finder
Use the business directory of manta to get clients, leads, it will go and scrape manta based on the keyword of the business and the location that you specify. Get a list of business with a few clients then give it to your sales team. Getting leads never been this easy.
Youtube and Google Keyword Suggestion Tool 2020 – Lasser Target Keywords
When you look on google or YouTube , it give you suggestions of what other people typed this are popular and hot keywords, this module extract the keywords and give it to you in a list. It also Scrapes other 12 sites.
YouTube Video Views Increaser
This software will visit your YouTube videos many times, generating more views, and it will generate traffic to the videos, you can use it for your own channel or sell the traffic to other people. You get traffic on demand with just a few clicks.
Badoo, Tinder and POF Girl Liker
Badoo, Tinder and POF are sites that allows you to meet other people, for dating or friends. You like other people and if they like you back you can talk with them. Its boring to be liking people all day, so let the software like everybody if they like you back you will have more friends, if they don’t then doesn’t matter it took you 1 minute to set up the software.
Trivago Hotel Scraper
Extract a list of all the hotels in trivago so you can find the cheapest hotel, or you can create a list of hotels to who you can your offer your services or products. Easy to use
Google Keyword Scrapper
Get the top 10 websites for a keyword and get the information of that site, like title of the page, description of the page and keywords they try to target. Analyze your competition. Become the God of SEO.
eBay Best Selling Items Scraper, Search Products Scraper.
Get the price and URL of the best selling products by keyword, you will find the best selling items by category, the most searched keywords by category, eBay keyword suggestion tool, see what people is looking for, provide it to them its just like printing money. Also spy on your competitions, see what items they are selling and how well they sell, so you only chose products that do sell.
ClickBank Top Products
Clickbank is the bigger retailer of digital products, promote the best affiliate offers and generate recurring income.
Wanelo Products Finder
Find the Best products to market from wanelo, check how many saves and the price. So you can resell them in your wordpress store and make money.
Paypal Payment Link Generator
Create payment buttons almost instantaneous without going to PayPal. Create payment link and create short link.
Free Proxies Scrapper
If you ever need to access to a site anonymously, generate fake views or just change your IP for privacy, you need proxies, this modules will generate 200 proxies for you, the proxies are checked regularly so you only will have proxies that work.
Yelp Company Scrapper
Get more leads for your promotions. This will go to yelp and will get the top 10 companies for any keyword you selected. Then you can visit their ads, or website and then call them to offer a service that they need.
Mega Spinner (Create sppined Articles)
Do you want your ads to be different every time you post.This software will help you to create the spin sintaxis of the ads. That means you post the same ad changing a few words here and there creating multiple variations of the same ad or article. you can type a keyword and it will give you synonyms of that words. Don’t reinvent the wheel.
Keyword Variation Generator
From a list of keywords, it will give you multiple variations of the keywords, very useful for SEO and dominating any niche
Torrent Scrapper (The Pirate Bay, Kick ass Torrent)
Used in conjunction with Utorrent and you can download pretty much everything, software, music, videos and eBooks. It uses The pirate bay torrents as content provider.
Link Cloacker Generator
It will generate PHP files to redirect your visitors to any page you like, the link would look like and you can chose the URL that it will link to, plus if you want to direct the traffic to a different page, you can change it afterwards.
Bulk Shortened links
Shorten multiple links and give it to you in a list. IT supports Tinyurl, google shortener and
YouTube Comment Scrapper
Do you want to get the comments from a video, but you have to select each comment and copy paste it onto excel, Forget that! Use this software just place the YouTube video id, and get all the comments from that video.
Reddit Scrapping
Are you looking for interesting content for you posts, or articles, well you are lucky. This software scrape the content from the site Reddit where users thumbs up images, videos, articles they like. If it got likes on Reddit that means is interesting, so you can use this for you Facebook post to generate more likes and more engagement in your fanpage/blog/website.
Email, text encryption
Paste your text in the software and encrypt it, this means that the text will not be readable for anyone that does not have the software and the password. Fully secure conversations trough email. (Since the text is encrypted)
Image Extractor
Want to get all images from a website only with a few clicks. Then use this module. In this module you type the URL with all the pictures that you want to download to your computer, and the software will create a list of the images, and download them individually or all of them and save them in a folder of your choice.
Twitter Tweets Extractor
Get all the tweets of your favorite artist, get quotes, get jokes, get comments made to the specific account that you chose.
Google Image Scraper – Affiliate HTML Code Image Creator
Search google images and create HTML code with your affiliate link.
Anonymous Web browser
Simple Web browser that allows you to change proxy and user agent, you can clear cookies. You can navigate anonymously using proxies. You can create accounts to any site because you will be consider a different user. You can vote multiple times in contests, you by pass sites that banned your IP.
Manual Posting to 28 Classified sites
Simple but powerful, you can use your ads already spinned, sing up with your account and use this module to copy and paste into all the 28 different classified sites, you need more exposure for your ads. Use this and promote anything that you want. You make more sells as your ads will get more exposure to more classified sites.
Article Scrapper
Do you need content for your website or eBook? use this software to scrape articles, then you can use the articles as content, you can modify them and then get more exposure for your business. look articles related by keyword.
Qr Code Generator
This will generate you a qr code image that you can use in your graphic design images, to redirect people to your website, you can use it to store information for people to read with their mobile devices, put your affiliate or cpa offer links in the qr code and make people buy from your their phone.
Project and task management module
Track your activities to do, your activities complete, check on the calendar whatever appointment you have. Email yourself the activities for today. Keep organized and order your to do list by priority, Improve your productivity.
Customer Relationship Managment (CRM)
Keep a track of your clients, suppliers, freelancers, all in one software, you can email them directly trough the software, you can track the interactions with your customers. Check their information right away with our built in search feature by different search types. city, phone, country and more.
Point of sale system with inventory
Create invoices or quotes for your clients, you can save your products and services and then select them in the make a sale section, it will tell you the total and will generate you a PDF with a payment link to PayPal, so people can pay you in PayPal optimizing the your process, You can track your orders and see the total revenue you make every month.
Bookmarks and Accounts Manager
Store the information of your accounts, for easy access, open the page that you want to login and copy and paste username and passwords, never forget your password again!
Share Buttons Creator
Create amazing buttons for your website, so people can share your content, the more they share the more traffic you get, just fill out a few fields and you will get sharing buttons. Its very easy to create them.
Clipboard Notes Helper
Save text you use very often, then select it from the table and copy and paste it wherever you need. perfect for people creating content or posting your campaigns on forums or groups.
Twitter Trending HashTags
Want to know whats trending, this will give you the trending topics of the last week so you know what is getting attention and plan traffic or content campaigns based on those topic. Review popular topics and get additional trffic to your site.
Facebook Comment Box Creator
Do you want to put a comment box in your site so clients can interact in your site and leave feedback, we got you cover, this module will give you the code you need to place in your site to put a Facebook comment box.
PDF Merger
This module will allow you to merge pdf files into one, so whenever you are sending information to your clients you only send 1 pdf instead of multiple files.
Facebook Fanpage Messenger
After scraping some pages with the facebook fanpage scraper you can go ahead and load the list of fanpages to this module and the software will visit the fanpage of the user and send them a message from your list of messages, it support spintext. Get your message to all your possible clients. This also support wall post for users so the friends of your clients can see your offer as well.
Gmail Email Generator
Generate gmail emails on the fly, type your base email and get email variations, where all will redirect to the main email. 1000 Emails in a few seconds
Youtube Link Variation Generator
Generate multiple variations of your youtube link, so you can promote more links so you dont look spammy. Promote multiple urls of the same video and get on the first place of youtube search engine.
Affiliate Link Manager
Save all your affiliate links on one place, so you can easily access them when you need them, no more notepad or excel sheets. You will now have more control in your Affiliate links.
Daily Registered Domains – Whois Generator
Get a list of the domains that were purchased today and in the last 2 days. Import the domains in the software and get the contact information of those domains. So you can offer your services like website development, search engine optimization or any other service you want to promote to them.
Auto Clicker
Select the time and position of the clicks that you want your computer to do at specific times, this is perfect when you are running vps and you want to have focus on your vps in an specific time. So your vps perform any action required.
Video Sites
When you create a video it would be good to distribute the video in multiple channels so you have more traffic, coming from multiple sources. This module has a list of the social video sites that can bring you an extra traffic boost. Also since you upload the video to multiple channels all of the videos can create you back links to your website helping you in your SEO.
Facebook Group joiner
Load a list of groups from the groups url scrapper, then join to all of them automatically so you can later post on them.
Keyword Spinner
Generate all the possible variations based on the keywords. So you get all the possible keyword titles. This is perfect to dominate youtube using different titles for your videos on the same keyword.
Twitter Auto Follower
Want more twitter followers to promote yourself or your business, give the twitter id of someone relevant in your niche, and follow his fan base, the software will follow them and then they will follow you back. Wait 2 days and then remove the people that did not follow you back. Increase your fan base is so easy and made on autopilot.
Job Boards Pop Up
Post your affiliate offer, or money opportunity in best job boards, you will have a pop up window that will always be active where you can copy and paste the content in all the job boards. You will love it.
Citation Finder, Indexation and Document Finder
Find business citations for your competitors, so you can advertise in the same sites and outrank them. This is the perfect tool to do reverse engineering on the competition of your clients. So you make sure they appear on the 3 pack of google maps. Also get the urls that have been indexed for any domain and you can find pdf documents of sites if they have been indexed on google. Perfect to find training material or download pdf content from the site you chose (if available).
Text Replacer
Replace multiple text at once, perfect when you need to do many changes to content that repeat itself, you do not want to rewrite everything just replace the main points. You will love this module as it is very helpful.
Fiverr Mass Message Sender
Look for a service and then send a message to all the users in that product category, or load your own list of users and message them all. Amazing to promote offers or anything that you want.
Landing Page Creator
Create amazing landing pages that will save the information of your visitors (Name and Email) then it will send them to your affiliate page, Build your list while you do your affiliate marketing, make money and then with your list you can email them and promote anything you want. The money is on the list.
Image Water Marker
Add your link to your images, so they are protected and other people cannot use them, this is useful when you have an eCommerce site so people cannot steal your images so easily.
Youtube Views Analizer
Check how many visitors a video had in a period of time, this way you can check if you want to work with them or now, only work with videos that have traffic so you generate more traffic to your site.
Etsy People Follower
Extract users that liked certain product similar to yours, therefore when you follow them they will check who you are and what you are selling. If they liked the previous product most likely they will like your store as well.
Freelancer Job Scraper
Extract jobs from freelancer so you can bid on the jobs. It will give you the most recent jobs in freelancer, you will be able to show jobs by category and it will also allow you to search jobs based on your keywords. It includes a section where you can save your jobs proposals, so whenever you are getting jobs it will be a matter of copying and pasting when you are bidding on the project.
Daily Motion Video Scraper
Search Videos in Dailymotion by keyword, relevance and number of views, you can also extract the keywords and title for the videos so you can use them to rank your videos better in daily motion. You will have the power of rank videos on dailymotion and youtube as well.
Facebook Email Finder
Find Facebook emails from the groups that you belong so you can email them and promote your offers. Also find emails from your Facebook contacts and from facebook graph search. The emails that you get are laser targeted since you are getting them from niche groups so if you get emails from a facebook group related to a niche then you can promote products for that niche to their users
96 Real State Agents Scraper
Get the contact information for the real state agents located in this website, you can literally get the email and just copy to mailchimp to mass email them with your product or offer.
Europages Scraper
Scrape information from companies from all over Europe so you can contact them and get your products made for cheaper, this is also perfect to get suppliers from other countries.
Youtube Live Streaming Commentor – Facebook Live Commentor
Send a message multiple times to the people in chats, this way you can promote anything that you want, it runs on autopilot and it will keep sending your message all day. This way you can send tons of traffic to any site that you want or find people to work with you.
Udemy Course Information Scraping
Search for the courses based on keywords, it will tell you the information of the course the hours of training, the number of students, the number of reviews. Perfect to do research and see what courses are perfect to make. Make money teaching what you know.
Unclaimed Business Yelp and Google Maps
Find business that havent been claimed, contact the owners to ask if you can claim the ad for them. Charge money to them or do it for free and then upsell. Its up to you but you make money either way. Just a few minutes to claim the business and you can make good money. Lead with value and clients will come.
Houzz Scraper
Search in Houzz for business that you could promote your service, generate leads instantly, get their phone numbers, address and contact them. Super Easy to use.
Proxy Checker
When you use public places to scrape information, you need to check if the proxies will actually work, this module will test your proxies and if they are able to return a stable connection, it will create a list with good proxies that you can use in the software.
Image / Photo Resizer
Select your image, the folder where you will save it and the software will create multiple size variations of your image. Get multiple images from 1 file also get smaller / bigger size images to upload to classified sites or social media.
For each item in List
Load a list of items like names or products, use a template for it and generate all the htmlcode that you need, for every item on the list.
Image Border Creator
Create Hundredths of images with a few clicks. It will load your image, then it will add borders to it random color and it will save them in the folder of your choice. Perfect if you want to have the same image listed in multiple websites.
Amazon Out Of Stock Item Finder
Find products that are out of stock in amazon, if you have that product and you can sell it on amazon. you will be the only one selling the product. Meaning you will have all customers for that product.
Jvzoo Top Products
Get the top jvzoo products for the day, week and month. So you know what exactly you should be promoting. Get you the affiliate page so you can request for permission to promote the product.
Instagram Top Hashtags
Get the most successful hashtags for instagram, it will provide you also a list of hashtags that you can use for your images, so you get more traffic for your Instagram posts. Also it gets you the qty of people using the hashtags and a Facebook like indicator of how much people like them.
Sales Page Analyzer
Extract the text only on the page so you can use it as inspiration for your own sales page, do not copy them, just check which sections they have, and copy the sections basically reverse engineer the page and copy the funnel that they have. Since the people in the video have a successful funnel you can copy the funnel and profit from the work that they already did.
Twitter Niche People Finder
Type a keyword that will display all the users related to that keyword in twitter, then extract the information to a table so you can contact those users at a later time, with offers or business deals. Perfect for niche domination.
Google Play App Information Scraper
Extract the search results of google play, get the email and website of the developers so you can contact them to offer them deals or make them to put your affiliate links/ cpa offers in their apps. you make money, they make money everybody happy.
Bing Maps Scraper
Search for business related to your keywords using bing maps. You will get the business name, address, phone and the image of their business. Perfect if you want even more leads to grow your business and make more sales
Linked In Group/Company Scraper
Search by keyword all the groups in linked in. The software will create a list with the group name, the group url and the number of members. You can sort the list by the groups that contain more members, then join the groups and contact the members to offer your products or services. It also extract companies by keywords.
Dropshipping Product Searcher
Search for product across different marketplaces like ebay, amazon, wallmart, costo, whish and more to find a cheaper product than what you are selling and keep the difference. Really powerful to supply products for your clients. Post products sell them, buy from a cheaper place and make people send it to your client. Make money by keeping the difference. This tool help you find the same product with a cheaper price.
Zillow Listing Scraper
Copy the link from zillow and it will show you all the houses in that page. this is perfect to generate spreadsheets on all the different zillow projects you might have. Really good for people in the real estate business
Store Reselling Markup Increaser
Inventory storage where you can track the products you are selling and add markups, a complete system that will allow you to save information from where you can drop-ship your items. You will learn all about dropshiping and making money without you having to store your own inventory.
Pinterest Image Scraper
Extract all images and pin urls for a keyword that you specify, attract laser target traffic by commenting on the pins related to your keyword.
Upwork Freelancer and Job Scraper
Extract the information from Freelancers and information from jobs, perfect to find new jobs and start making money. Find out who the best freelancers are and what the best jobs are.
Funnel Finder
Explore in facebook similar funnels to what you want to built. Use your competition funnel to your advantage. Easy to use funnel explorer.
120 Scraper
Get all the information for the listtings in very easy to use perfect for real estate people to scrape apartmentlist and always have an uptodate list of the available apartments.
Zillow Realtor Scraper
Copy the link from zillow and it will show you all the realtors in that page. this is perfect to generate spreadsheets with the list of realtors for any given city, so you could contact them and offer them services or products.
Adwords Keyword Planner Scraper
Get the search volume for the keywords you will be using, also get the cpc and click trough rate for your adsense campaigns, perfect to do your keyword research and find out what are the keywords you should be targeting to generate traffic to your business.
Linked In Group Joiner
Load a list of the groups where you want to join, then let the software join to them for you. Once you join to the groups you will be able to comment on them and extract the members in the group so you could offer them services or offers.
Xml and Html Beautifier
Make your xml and html more readable so you can analyze the information that you need. Perfect to analyze content and find information more easily.
Trade Key Product Scraper
Type a keyword for the product you want to find supplier for, it will scrape the products from tradekey, show them to you in a list where you will be able to go got the product page, read all the information related to the product and contact the seller. so you can find successful products to import or resell in your website.
Linked In Group member Scraper
Type the url of the group in linked that you have joined, then get a list of the members that are inside that group so you can contact them or ask for connection and promote your service or product to them. This is awesome cause you will find people already interested in your niche since they are already in a group for that niche. They will be more likely to buy from you.
Indeed Job Portal Scraper
Extract a list of all the jobs in indeed so you can apply or save the list and send it to someone else. You could also approach the companies and offer yourself as a recruiting agent.
Google Search Results Email Scraper
Search for a keyword like plumber in new york, it will retrieve the results from google and then you can extract the emails from those sites. Also it will find the ads so you can can contact the owners of those ads and offer them to run a Facebook campaign for them. Where you will give them more results than google so they keep paying you every month.
Ad Manager
Save all your ads in one place, all your accounts and important information. Use this to post manually to hundredths of sites. Very easy to use, we integrated it with our manual posting section. Support Spin Text
Series Top Scraper
Get a list of multiple series, get all episodes links for that series and then get all the links to see that episode in all the different video sites. Perfect when you start a series site to generate recurring traffic and make some commissions out of the traffic you get to this site.
Secure Password Generator
Generate secure passwords for all your different accounts, you can chose to use uppercase, lowercase, numbers and signs, you can have unlimited secure password suggestions, that are random every time.
Facebook Comment Scraper
Go to a post that contains comments related to a product or service, then extract the comments from that post, so this people is already interested in the product someone else is promoting, so if you get a list of this people you can go ahead and contact them offering your own product and service. Geta list of all the comments, who commented, the link of the user, user id and more. Make your competion pay the ads and you get the rewards.
Facebook Likes Scraper
Go to a post that contains many likes related to a product or service, then extract the users that reacted in that post, this people is already interested in the product someone else is promoting, so if you get a list of this people you can go ahead and contact them offering your own product and service. Geta list of all the likes, who reacted, the link of the user, user id and more. Make your competion pay the ads and you get the rewards.
Reddit Poster
Load all your post, login with your reddit account and then automate your postings to reddit, increase the ammount of post you can do. It logins for you and post all your ads.
Facebook Event Goers Scraper
Extract a list of all the people that will attend an event, this is perfect to market people interested on a band, topic, event since most of the times people already pay to go an event, so this is a list of people that already purchased something since they are interested on the topic, so if you offer a similar product, or a product that complements the sale they will likely buy it.
Facebook People You May Know Scraper
Get a list of all the people that you may know in facebook, so you can start adding them, since you already have a lot of friends in common with them it, they will accept you more easily.
Tee spring analyzer
Make money selling t-shirst easy to follow system that will analyze your competition, see what t-shirts do sell and get ideas on what you can sell.
Adfly Bot
Load your proxies, paste your adfly link and let the program run and start making money. The software will revisit your links and will generate your money everytime it load your adfly links.
Google Trends Scraper
Extract the trend topics from the world, so you can create content about them and generate traffic to your site.
Vimeo Scraper
Search a Keyword and extract a list of all the videos in the results, also extract a list of videos from a user so you can download them or see which ones are the best.
Airbnb Scraper
Search for rooms available in your city, get the number of reviews and rating, reverse engineer you competitions, so you can live rent free in any city that you want, this is the perfect research tool.
People That Dont Follow Me Finder
Load your followers and the people you follow in instagram. This will remove from the list of people you follow the people that followed you back. Leaving only people that do not follow you so you can remove them.
Images Upload Manager
When you upload your images to imgur it will save teh urls so you can have a list of all the images uploaded, so you can reuse them in the future, it lets you generate the html code needed to use them on your website.
Fiverr Arbitrage
Search for ads where people need a computer service, then fin the service in fiverr. People will pay you for the service, you hire someone in fiverr and keep the diference. Automatic Email Sending with your proposal to the people that needs the service.
Facebook Autoposter Fanpage / Timeline
Load an excel with your post for your fanpage or personal timeline, it will go an post for you. Generating traffic for you even when you are not there. You can upload upto 5 images and put any text you want. It support spin text.
Superpages Scraper
Just as yellow pages scraper. It will generate a list of business based on a service and location of your chosing, this will scrape the results in a table that you can use for your sales team in order to contact them and offer them a service or a product.
All pages Scraper
Just as yellow pages scraper. It will generate a list of business based on a service and location of your chosing, this will scrape the results in a table that you can use for your sales team in order to contact them and offer them a service or a product.
FourSquare Scraper
Just as yellow pages scraper. It will generate a list of business based on a service and location of your chosing, this will scrape the results in a table that you can use for your sales team in order to contact them and offer them a service or a product.
Yahoo Local Scraper
Just as yellow pages scraper. It will generate a list of business based on a service and location of your chosing, this will scrape the results in a table that you can use for your sales team in order to contact them and offer them a service or a product.
150 Scraper
Just as yellow pages scraper. It will generate a list of business based on a service and location of your chosing, this will scrape the results in a table that you can use for your sales team in order to contact them and offer them a service or a product.
LongIsland Business Scraper
It will extract Business from long island you can get the business name, category, website, phone, facebook, twitter or youtube links for the companies that it extract
Just Dial Scraper
Get a list of business based on the category of your chosing that you can use to contact them and offer your product or service.
Wedding Wire Scraper
You will get a list of business that are related to weddings, you can get the phone and websites of this business to contact them and sell them seo, traffic, lead or any service you want.
Zomato Restaurants Scraper
You can extract a lot of restaurant information for you to contact and offer social managment or review managment. This is excelent because if you bring business to the restaurants they can pay you per lead or based on the agreement you make with the restaurant.
Living Social and Groupon Scraper
Get all the cupons of the business that advertise there, if they are already giving cupons you can use them for yourself, you can resell the coupon codes, you can contact the business and provide your services or products.
Realtor Scraper
It will extract homes that are in sale in the area you chose, it will also get phone number of real estate agents by name or location so you can contact them to offer your products or services.
Whatsapp Group Finder
Type a keyword related to the groups you want to find, you will find urls of whatsapp groups that you can use to join and promote your products or services.
Withepages Business Scraper
It will extract business based in the keyword you chose. Then you can contact them and offer your products or services
Menu Pages Scraper
Extract Restaurants Name, Phone number, Address, Link and if its open or close. Lets your search the business in google so you can contact them to offer your products and services.
Trip Advisor Scraper
It will extract business, restaurants, hotels, libraries based on your keywords. You can contact them and offer your products and services.
GumTree Ad Scraper
Extract the search results in a table. So you can give to your employes to follow leads in products or people you want to contact.
Walmart Scraper
Extract the products from the search results. This way you can have a list of the product walmart is selling and you can use them do dropshipping.
Facebook Marketplace Scraper and Messenger
Extract the search results for products in the Facebook Marketplace, Then contact them easily so you can get most of the products in sale. So you are the first to message them.
Etsy Scraper
Extract the products from the search results. This way you can have a list of the products etsy is selling and you can use them do dropshipping.
Facebook Jobs Scraper
It will extract all the jobs in the facebook job section. This will allow you to save the jobs you have applied for and the results of your job search. It can also help you extract the jobs listing so you have a template for your own ads.
Facebook Events Inviter
Load all your facebook accounts then login to one account, and click the button, this will invite 250 users to your event, then login to a new account and invite more people. Make your event a complete success.
PVA Codes Integration
Select the country and the app you want, and you will get a number that you can use to sing up on those sites. The website will go and check for you your activation code. Perfect to create unlimited accounts in those sites.
Target Scraper
Search for a keyword in Target and extract the results in a table that you can use to purchase those products and resell them in your own store with a mark up.
Affiliate Marketplace Scraper
Search For Affiliate Products that you can promote, see what the competitors are doing and find new approaches to your marketing.
Ebay Explorer Scraper
Find the best selling products in ebay so you can know which products to promote and which product to sell. You will only be promoting products that are succesfull, remove the guess work and find successful products
Youtube Find Expired Domains With Traffic
When you do a search it will retrieve the most relevant videos for that search, then it will extract all the links on a table so you can visit them to check if they still are active domains if they are not you can check and if available you can purchase the domain and redirect all the traffic to any site that you want.
Facebook Users that liked a page extractor
When someone like your own fanpage they go to a list in your fanpage setting, this will extract that list for you and it will let you send them a message or ask for a friend request. This is perfect to keep a good comunication with your followers. You can go send them a greeting or straight go and sell them something. Its upto you which message you want to provide. IT supports spin text
Wikipedia Find Expired Domains With Traffic
When you do a search it will retrieve the most relevant wikipedia articles for that search, then it will extract all the links on a table so you can visit them to check if they still are active domains if they are not you can check and if available you can purchase the domain and redirect all the traffic to any site that you want.
Facebook Fanpage Email Extractor
Load a list of fanpages from excel. Then the software will visit the about page and extract the emails for every fanpage in the table and put it on a list for you that you can use to contact the owner of the fanpage and offer your product and service.
Home Advisor Contractor Scraper
Extract contractors in home advisor and contact them to offer them leads. They will be happy because they dont have to share the leads with other people in home advisor. Easy to get clients.
Instagram Follower/Following Scraper
This is the version 2.0 of the instagram follower scraper. This will allo you to put the username and get all the followers or following from that user. You can resell this list to their sponsors for a fraction of what they pay or use it to increase your own marketing leads.
Adpost Scraper
It will extract companies from adpost with their website and phone number so you can contact them to offer your products or services, it support multiple countries.
Proxi Integration
Now you can control your ip trough this modules, you connect trough HMA and it will change your ip so you can continue scraping in all the sites.
179 Scraper
It will extract companies from bbb with their name and phone number so you can contact them to offer your products or services, it support multiple countries.
Twitter Poster
Load a list with tweets and or images and it will go and post them for you, in your account, it support proxies and it support multiple accounts.
thomas net Scraper
It will extract suppliers from thomas net, you can use the information to provide them with your services or products.
Advance Google Search
This will help you find pdfs, documnets, excel files related to your keyword, it also contain advance search options that will help you find information that is more useful for you.
Reconnect Firefox Module
IF for any reason the software gets closed, now you are able to reconnect to a previos session that was opened. Its really useful so you dont have to login multiple times.
Made in china scraper
Search for products in made in china and it puts them on a table that you can export, you can find the url of the supplier and also make a google search with the company name so you contact them directly
Instagram Profile Finder
Find profiles in instagram based on city and profession, also lets you find influencers, and the emails of those profiles.
Instagram 3 Picture Liker
Search for pictures that were posted recently, visit the profile of the owner then it likes 3 pictures of that profile. Since they just posted the picture recently they have the phone in their hands, they will check out your profile because you liked 3 pictures, if they like what you have in your profile they will follow you. increasing your number of followers.
More Modules coming soon

Yelp Review Poster
Workopolis scraper
Elance, Odesk, Gum Tree, Job Scraper
Simply Hired, People Per Hour, Flex Jobs,, odlee Job Scraper
Real State Websites Information Extraction
comming soon.


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