Simple Kindle System 2021

How Acute Renal Failure Led to $124.35 In Kindle Royalties, From Just 3 Hours of “Writing”…

All While Laying In a Hospital Bed

How I “Wrote” 32 Bum Marketing Articles in Just a Few Hours Completely Free, No Book Promo Sites, No Cross Promotions, No Email Marketing!

Inside Simple Kindle System 2021, You’ll Discover:

A Complete, Top To Bottom System Of Creating Books, Creating Promotional Articles And Where To Place Them For Maximum Effectiveness
How I “Wrote” 32 Unique Articles in Just a Few Hours From My Hospital Bed (Without Software)
Create Content People DESPERATELY NEED. This Makes it FAR Easier to Sell
Where to Put Your Content For Maximum Exposure
Timing is Everything: When and How to Release Your Content For Maximum Sales
A Simple, Repeatable System
Easily Craft Short Non-Fiction Books People NEED In Less than Hour or Two
Case Study: How I Generated a Dozen Sales in Kindle From Just a Few Hours of Effort
Not Some Pie in the Sky Crazy Dream – A Real Publishing Model That Works and Is Effective
Easy to Read PDF and Quick Start Guide
How to Modify the Promotion Plan for Fiction Books
And More!
The Keystone of This Method is My Content Generation Strategy. Create Dozens of Promotional Articles in Minutes

I Did It From a Hospital Bed With Renal Failure. You Can Easily Do This

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