The 6 Figure Boss by Justin Saunders

Welcome to The 6 Figure Boss!

The curriculum behind this online course is being built out as we go. Remember, you are part of the beta program so a lot of things will be switched up as we make progress.

Most importantly, get at it! The biggest mistake i’ve realized after coaching 100’s of students is the lack of action. If you can take massive action on what you’re taught. You will succeed.

Justin Saunders, Founder of New Age Media. Justin is a digital marketing expert and consultant that focuses on generating leads for chiropractors and doctors, among others. 3 to 4 years ago Justin saw an opportunity to enter the digital marketing space and now he has mentored over 100 entrepreneurs and built a six figure agency.

This is a 8 week program designed to teach you to build a 6 figure SMAA with systems and processes so you never become a slave to your business.

Here’s What’s Included:
Week 1: The Foundation
Week 2: Mindset
Week 3: Prospecting – Includes Facebook Prospecting, Instagram Prospecting, cold email prospecting, Linkedin etc
Week 4: Sales – Sales Script, objections etc
Week 5: How to Perform – FB ads, Split testing etc
Week 6: Retention
Week 7: Systems and Processes
Week 8:Bonus

& more …

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