uCloud v2.0.1 – File Hosting Script – Securely Manage, Preview & Share Your Files

uCloud v2.0.1

uCloud – File Hosting Script – Securely Manage, Preview & Share Your Files

uCloud enables freelancers, small businesses (such as media agencies) and webmasters to easily share their files online. It’s been built to be extremely robust, secure and very fast!


  • NEW Core script rewrite to new faster & more powerful MVC framework!
  • Upload Files:
    • NEW BackBlaze storage support.
    • SFTP, FTP, Rackspace and Amazon S3 Storage.
    • Internally shared files & folders. Share multiple files & folders with other registered users and enable them to view, upload and download files.
    • NEW Global sharing option.
    • PHP7.2 support.
    • Multi-file uploader with progress. 5GB+ filesize supported.
    • Images previewed before upload. File icons shown for each file before upload.
    • Percentage progress, size remaining, upload speed and time remaining.
    • Background uploading of files. Continue to manage your account while files are being uploaded.
    • Drag & Drop into the browser to begin uploading.
    • Send via email option once uploaded.
    • Copy folder url to the clipboard link.
    • Built in url shortener.
    • Support for multiple file servers.
    • File details page with the following:
      • Full path to the file.
      • HTML code to directly copy into a website.
      • Forum code to directly copy into a forum.
      • Link to view statistics for the file.
      • Link to remove the file.
      • Links to share with common social media sites; Facebook, Twitter etc.
      • Link to share via email.
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