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WooCommerce B2B v1.0.4 Sales Agents

A sales agent acts on behalf of the company by offering his products to potential buyers in exchange for commissions based on the value of the agreements entered into.

Are you looking for a definitive solution for managing your company’s sales agents?

Stop your search, WooCommerce Sales Agents is here!

Finally, a plugin that allows WooCommerce to automatically manage this need. With WooCommerce Sales Agents you no longer have to worry about anything and you can save time to devote to the growth of your business.

WooCommerce Sales Agents automatically calculates the commissions due to each sales agent based on orders placed by customers and assigned to them, based on the percentage assigned.

But it does not end here! Each sales agent has a dedicated portal where he can consult information about his customers, orders placed, commissions accrued, as well as a dedicated dashboard complete with statistics.

  1. List of features
    ✔ Sales agents commissions
    Assign to each sales agent a commission percentage on their customers’ orders.✔ Commission status
    You can mark each commission as paid to track your payment history.✔ Admin commission management panel
    A list of all the commissions accrued by your sales agents to always keep track of your network progress.

    ✔ Sales agent dashboard
    Each sales agent has its own dedicated area with statistics to display and manage customers, orders, commissions.

    ✔ Buy as a customer
    It allows your sales agents to make purchases on behalf of their customers with just one click.

    ✔ New order notification to the sales agent
    Each sales agent can decide whether to receive a notification email in case of a new order from his assigned customer.

    ✔ Customers assignment
    For each customer you can decide who is the assigned sales agent.

    ✔ Commission application context
    You can decide on which types of item to apply the commission (products, shipping, fees).

    ✔ Edit commission applied to order items
    For each individual order line you can change the percentage of commission applied and recalculate totals.

    ✔ User bulk actions in admin panel
    Assign multiple customers to sales agent in one single click with bulk actions in admin panel.

    ✔ User filters by sales agent
    Make your work faster and easier by filtering your users by sales agent.

    ✔ Order filters by sales agent
    Make your work faster and easier by filtering your orders by sales agent.

    ✔ Sales agents customizable theme
    Create your sales agents area theme or customize default one.

    ✔ Export tools in sales agent area
    Each sales agent can simply filter his data lists and export results in different file format.

    ✔ Great compatibilty
    Requires WooCommerce v3.x.x and it is compatible with all themes.

    ✔ Multilanguage
    100% multilanguage support and currently provided with Italian and English. Included POT file to speed up translations in other languages.

    ✔ Custom hooks
    Lots of hooks to easily customize plugin default behavior.


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